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VRIPHYS 2014 will take place on the 1st floor in the so-called “MZH building” which is located right in front of the tram and bus station “Universität Zentralbereich”. The building consists of eight floors and holds lecture space as well as learning areas and various computer labs for students.

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Moreover, the MZH houses different institutes such as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the Center for Multimedia in Teaching (ZMML), the center for networks (ZfN), the Center for Techno-Mathematics (ZeTeM), and is the main building of the Computer Science and Mathematics department (FB3). The rooms reserved for the entire conference are a large lecture hall with space for up to 200 people and additionally smaller seminar rooms with space for 40-70 persons. Furthermore, the lobby on the 1st floor as well as the lounge area at the entrance of the building can be used as presentation space.

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Located on the river Weser, City of Bremen is the second-largest city in Northern Germany. The 1,200 year old city has a nice walkable downtown with a metropolitan feel.

Nonetheless, due to its location on the river Weser Bremen has historically been an important entrance to the world for the hanseatic traders and seafarers.

Nowadays, Bremen is an important hub of modern logistics, and a place of innovations in high technology, space industry, and numerous scientific institutions. Sometimes, Bremen is informally called “Space City” or “Beck’s City” (as the world famous Beck’s beer is brewed in Bremen).


University of Bremen

The University of Bremen, founded in 1971, is well known as the science center in northern Germany and is one of 11 institutions awarded with the title “University of Excellence” in Germany. It is organized in twelve departments. The scientific areas with the most notably reputation are physics, mathematics, industrial engineering, digital media, microbiology, geosciences (especially marine geosciences), European law, and political science.
Approximately 20,000 students study at University of Bremen with 51% female and 12% foreign students. The university employs around 3,400 people including 285 professors.

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