Throughout Thursday, we will have demos outside the lecture hall by the CGVR group, Haption, and VRLogic (zSpace)

A PDF version of the program is available here.

Wednesday, 24. September 2014

08:00 Registration & coffee

09:00 Welcome

09:10 Keynote talk by Dr. Andreas Weber, University Bonn, Germany

10:10 Coffee break

10:40 Session 1: Proximity computation

Session chair: Torsten Kuhlen

Xu Hongyi, Jerney Barbic

Continuous Collision Detection Between Points and Signed Distance Fields

René Weller, David Mainzer, Abhishek Srinivas, Matthias Teschner, Gabriel Zachmann

Massively Parallel Batch Neural Gas for Bounding Volume Hierarchy Construction

Max Kaluschke, Uwe Zimmermann, Marinus Danzer, Gabriel Zachmann, Rene Weller

Massively-Parallel Proximity Queries for Point Clouds

11:55 Lunch

13:30 Session 2: Deformation

Session chair: Matthias Harders

Martin Seiler, Jonas Spillmann, Matthias Harders

Efficient Transfer of Contact-Point Local Deformations in Data-Driven Simulations Using Hermitian Moments

Elsa Flechon, Florence Zara, Guillaume Damiand, Fabrice Jaillet

A unified topological-physical model for adaptive refinement

Daniel Weber, Johannes Sebastian Mueller-Roemer, Christian Altenhofen, André Stork, Dieter Fellner

A p-Multigrid Algorithm using Cubic Finite Elements for Efficient Deformation Simulation

Richard Malgat, Francois Faure, Arezki Boudaoud

Mechanical modelling of three-dimensional plant tissue indented by a probe

15:10 Coffee break

15:40 Session 3: Simulation in applications

Session chair: Fabrice Jaillet

Genichi Kawada, Takashi Kanai

Controlling the Shape and Motion of Plumes in Explosion Simulations

Bojan Kocev, Joachim Georgii, Lars Linsen, Horst Hahn

Information Fusion for Real-time Motion Estimation in Image-guided Breast Biopsy Navigation

Dirk Siegmund, Timotheos Samartzidis, Naser Damer, Christoph Busch

Virtual Fitting Pipeline: Body Dimension Recognition, Cloth Modelling, and On-Body Simulation

E. Ricardez, J. Noguez, L. Neri, L. Munoz-Gomez, D. Escobar-Castillejos

SutureHap: a Suture Simulator with Haptic Feedback

17:20 End of official part of day 1

18:30 Guided tour through Bremen‘s old city

Meeting place: „Roland“, max. 25 people

19:30 Dinner at „Ratskeller“ in Bremen downtown

Am Markt 11, 28195 Bremen

Thursday, 25. September 2014

09:00 Session 4: Fluids & particles

Session chair: Jan Bender

Wei-Chin Lin

Coupling Hair with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Fluids

Felix Thaler, Barbara Solenthaler, Markus Gross

A Parallel Architecture for IISPH Fluids

Mihai Francu

An Improved Jacobi Solver for Particle Simulation

Daniel Holz; presented by Martin Courchesne

Parallel Particles: A Parallel Position Based Approach for Fast and Stable Simulation of Granular Materials

10:40 Coffee break

11:00 Work-in-Progress session

Session chair: Rene Weller

P. Charrier, J. Bender

Laplacian Cut-Maps for Real-Time Deformables

F. Largilliere, V. Vergez, V. Verona, L. Grisoni, C. Duriez

Variable stiffness haptic interface controlled through Inverse simulation

11:40 Short coffee break

11:50 Keynote talk by Dr. Jernej Barbic, University of Southern California, USA

12:50 Closing & award

13:20 End of VRIPHYS conference

14:00 Start of GI-VRAR workshop (partially in German)

VRIPHYS attendees are cordially invited to participate at GI-VRAR, too, at no extra costs. The program is at