The VRIPHYS 2014 Dinner will take place at the Ratskeller Bremen at the 24th of September.


The Bremen Ratskeller is the council wine cellar (German: "Ratskeller") of the Town Hall of Bremen. Since it was erected in the year 1405, German wines were stored and sold there. With its history over 600 years the Ratskeller of Bremen is one of the oldest wine cellars of Germany, furthermore the oldest wine barrel of Germany, a wine from Rüdesheim which is dated 1653, is stored here.
In the cellar there has long been a traditional tavern and today a large part of it is a gourmet restaurant.

Since 1330 the Council of Bremen held the privilege of white wine which was valid until 1815. No citizen should sell wine without the permission of the Council. All wines had to be stored in the Cellar of the Council. The purpose was to control the prices and the payment of taxes.
With about 650 varieties the Ratskeller has the world's greatest selection of German wines exclusively, even in total there are about 1,200 different spirits available.


How to get there

Take the tram lines 2 or 3 at get off at stop “Obernstraße”. Alternatively, take tram line 6 from University and get off at “Domsheide/City Center”. From there, the Ratskeller could be reached by a two-minute walk.